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Book of the week: Cyril and Pat - Emily Gravett

We love this book! A beautiful tale of friendship against the odds and how you can overcome differences. We love that Cyril does not even see Pat as different to him, he loves his friend for his personality traits and the joy that the friendship brings them both.

When faced with peer pressure to top being friends with Pat, Cyril learns that his life is emptier without his friend and that he shouldn't listen to what other people say and make his own judgements.

This is a moral we can all identify with, both adult and child and opens up the way for a lovely dialogue with your kids about acceptance, prejudice and making assumptions based on appearance.

I highly recommend this book - Little Q loves it and likes to tell the tale along with me! At 2.8 yrs she is friends with whoever she wants to play with and I hope that by reading this book and keeping that dialogue open with her about her friends and what makes them special to her she will continue to be as open minded as she grows.

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