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Expressing and bottles

When we had little Q we knew we wanted to try and combi feed with expressed milk if we could so that should we need to we'd be able to give her bottles if needed. She however had other ideas and after taking 2 bottles very reluctantly just flatly refused any further bottles. I kept expressing and we kept trying but she wasn't having any of it and we gave up in the end and used the stored milk to make her porridge, cereal , give her milk in a sippy cup and make breastmilk icelollies (it was hot the summer of 2016!).

This time around we thought we'd try again and use a different bottle. We'd tried the MAM anti colic with Little Q but after using the Medela Calma and refusing it she wouldn't take it. We thought the MAM might be better as the teat is softer and closer to breastfeeding according to research (advertising).

Little S has taken to the bottle brilliantly and I am expressing a feed every day for the next day. It's working well as Little Q wants me to do bath and bedtime at the moment so it means that Little S gets a bottle of expressed milk at that time and daddy gets to hang out with his littlest !

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