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Book of the ... Giraffes Can't Dance! By Giles Andrea & Guy Parker-Rees

So my book of the week idea got completely forgotten about in the flurry of pre and post birth of second baby. No excuses, just a reason, but we've been reading madly as usual. My 2 yr old is now 3yrs old and loves stories as much as she ever did! Choosing her two stories per night is always a real dilemma! She has to pick them herself though.

This book was bought by Grandma as little Q is getting into ballet and this book seemed appropriate for a child finding their confidence in themselves as a dancer.

Basic plot: (spoiler alert) Gerald the Giraffe loves to see the annual jungle dance but gets laughed at and thinks he can't dance. He ambles off sadly where he meets a cricket who tells him to find his own music and rhythm and to learn what he loves to dance to.

Gerald listens to him and finds his groove wowing the other animals with his unique dance style that is all him.

I love the bright bold illustrations , each page jumps out at you and layout is cleverly used to help you visually with what is happening creating a good discussion starter if you want to. Alternatively it's a lovely feel good story for bedtime!

Another complex issue boiled down to a Simple solution.

-have confidence in yourself

-don't feel you have to be good at what's other people see good at to be worthy

-find your own groove

-value difference, it makes things interesting!

Do you love this book? Give it a try and let me know!

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