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Little Q's New Room!

We decided a while ago to move little Q into our guest bedroom turning it into her new 'big girl room' and have been very slowly sorting it out for a few months. We've tried to involve her as much as possible so that she feels like its HER new room and is this exciting new adventure.

She's loved it, she's had so much fun 'helping' daddy with the taping, painting and rollering of the walls. We went for Craig and Rose paint in Morris Blue as we do not have a girly girl here!

We took advantage of Little Q still being in nursery whilst we are off to get all the tricky bits (plastering ceiling, sanding, painting the woodwork) done without her help.

My husband 'popped' to IKEA (does anyone ever just 'pop' to IKEA?) and picked up her bed the IKEA Hemnes Day bed. We'd thought long and hard about this and having slept on this bed at a relatives house we knew how comfortable it was and knew how much storage came with it. We decided that this would be a great bed for her as it is a normal single but does turn into a very comfortable double if you want it too which would be great when she's older and having sleep overs or thinking really far into the future I upgraded to a double when I was 15, this way she has a bed till it breaks or she moves out!

We just put her grey bed bar along it to stop her falling out

and have kept her using the cot bed duvet - in this weather just the cover and her cleva mama pillow as she is still just a toddler and we didn't want her getting swamped in a full size single duvet (she tosses and turns a lot in her sleep!).

She is totally in love with the yellow and green quilt one of her Aunties made for her baby shower. It HAS to live on her bed and makes a great place for her growing menagerie!

She loves the IKEA fake fur rug in front of the bed and we keep finding her wrapped up in it Game of Thrones style!

My favourite part of her whole room is her reading Nook. I love that it seems to be her favourite part too, she is ALWAYS snuggled up there with a soft toy and a book when we stick our heads in to check on her!

I used our old memory foam mattress for the seat chopping it up with a kitchen knife, I made a custom cover out of grey star minky fabric and cushions from her old room. The Elephant cushion was actually the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant with her.

We love the IKEA spice racks as book shelves and she loves being able to just select a book. They are high enough that I can sit in the corner and not bash my head so she'll grow into the room still. The blue starry fabric is an off cut of some fleece she likes to snuggle under.

The lamp on the wall was a custom gift from her Godmother who is the designer / maker behind Random Lights (link below) and the light fitting is BEAUTIFUL! She is a very lucky girl!

After our trip to Brighton we decided the time had come to move her in so spent a day getting her to move all her stuff in and arrange it as she wanted, I wasn't sure how into this she would be but it turns out she was really into making sure everything was just so and daddy and I both got told off on occasion for putting something in the wrong place!

The picture wall was transplanted straight from her old room as it is still pretty new and I love it!

The Final Look!

We were worried she wouldn't sleep very well with all the change but has been out like a light ever since and has barely looked in her old room which to me means

Hurrah! Success!

Please comment and let me know what you think!

Links below to the BIG stuff I can remember!

IKEA Kallax - who doesn't have a Kallax in their house somewhere ? This one was mine when I was 15 and has been painted twice and lived through at least 6 house moves....

p.s we have put child safe locks on her windows so we can lock them a few inches open for air but as it is so hot and she was at nursery when I took the pictures the windows are wide open for some air.

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