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I was Interviewed!

In August 2017 when I was 8 months into being a small business owner, 1.5 years into being a mum and about to go part time as a teacher I was interviewed by the incredible Lily C Hansen of Word of Mouth - Conversations.

A year ago I had the pleasure of meeting Lily C Hansen, I would describe her 'job' as an interviewer and when she asked to interview me I have to admit I said yes with equal parts fear and excitement. After all, what on earth could I possibly have to say ?

To say Lily interviews people would be to do her a great disservice, she specialises in conversation, drawing people out and making them feel comfortable. She asks you questions but is genuinely interested in your response so will allow herself to get drawn into the conversation with you and will then skillfully bring you back to the topic she is most interested in and the main reason she is interviewing you.

I thought Lily was going to interview me about setting up my own business, being a new mum and trying to hold it all together but she was so much more interested in me the creative. This interview was a real eye opener, I was able to put into words how I felt about my creative process, reflect on where it came from and celebrate where I was going.

I think this was invaluable at the time, almost like she knew what I needed to talk about! Thank's Lily, it was a pleasure to converse with you and the result continues to be something I'm super proud of.

Read the full interview HERE.

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