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Book of the week! The Pirates Next Door starring The Jolley Rogers - by Jonny Duddle

The Pirates Next Door

This weeks book is brought to you by my own inability to say no to fun looking books when out and about … noticing a trend here? This book was bought in Brighton and the visual links to Brighton landscapes tugged those nostalgic heart strings to the city I grew up in and I couldn't resist.

Basic plot: Some new neighbours move into a slightly conservative neighbourhood and are met with prejudice and assumptions. This is a story about not judging people hidden in a hilarious tale of pirate friendship.

I'll be honest, this is a longer board book, with some more complex language BUT the giggles for parents as well as kids makes it a worthwhile read.

There is a gentle rhythm to the text which makes it captivating and little Q loved pointing out all the fun and crazy things happening in the illustrations.

The story is a good discussion starter for slightly older kids, Little Q is 2 and a bit and I think at this age actions speak louder than words when you are trying to teach acceptance of others so we enjoyed it as a good tale and will talk about the message when we read it at an older age.

The final page certainly made my husband and I laugh ruefully and when she's old enough if she gets the joke we'll have done our job right!

The illustrations are detailed and clever, the little touches that make you look closer are great whilst the layout draws the eye straight to the main idea. The colours are super rich and the shading beautiful. The characters are both modern and traditional - you'll recognise the pirates but they don't look out of place.

There are loads of these books apparently and we are really looking forward to reading more of the Jolly Rogers adventures!

If you've liked what I've shared you can get the book here:

But please do come back and let me know what you and most importantly your little one's think!

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