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Book of the week! The Odd Egg - Emily Gravett

This was bought purely because of the Author, we are big Emily Gravett fans in this house (can you tell?) and this came up on Amazon and I thought it looked fun and cute so bought it. (I have a book problem and no, I'm not ashamed!). I'm glad we did buy this, it's an odd book and has a slightly unusual rhythm to it but it's a really simple feel good story about acceptance of difference and how not all families look the same.

Basic plot: Duck wants to lay an egg, all the other birds have but Duck can't and is sad until he finds a lost egg and looks after it with a wonderful twist at the end!  

There are very few words and a lovely if slightly odd rhythm that makes reading this a pleasure and means that as children get older they can easily pic it up and join in even if they can't actually read it yet as such. 

The layout makes the page turn great fun and changes and develops the illustrations as you go adding to the story in simple ways. The anticipation for the end and the twist that seems to be building up is done gently and with such humour that when you finally get to it its so happy and lovely that the message is given subtly.

The ending is lovely and sets you up nicely for cuddles and bedtime at the end of a good day out! 

This is a book for all types of families to share and to help children understand families comes in all shapes!

The illustrations are charming and as always with Emily Gravett they are dynamic and fun to look at. Lots of pictures to act out with your little one and the animals have great expressions whilst still looking realistic and recognisable for anyone trying to learn new animals. 

If you've liked what I've shared you can get the book here:

But please do come back and let me know what you and most importantly your little one's think!

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